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2ª CIPM Paraty (2).png

2nd Independent Military Police Company


Minha História

Do you know the 2nd CIPM?

     Through a partnership between the Municipality of Paraty and the Government of the State of Rio de Janeiro, on August 14, 2021 Paraty received the 2nd Independent Military Police Company (2nd CIPM), this equipment aims to strengthen public safety in the municipality.


   From then on, the 2nd CIPM is responsible for overt policing throughout the municipality, under the command of Ten. Cel. Rodrigues.

      The company is located in Ilha das Cobras and is the second unit of this type in the entire State of Rio de Janeiro and as of now, there are more than one hundred military police officers operating throughout the city of Paraty, with an independent command and a new headquarters , with all the necessary resources for the work of the Military Police.



Minha Vida
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